Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement


PCI College’s Mission Statement provides direction and intention for the institution and an aspirational goal from which effective, consistent and sustained leadership can provide direction for the work of the institution.


“To  make  transformative  contributions  to  individuals  and  society  as  the  leading educational  establishment  in  the  field  of  mental  health  and  wellbeing,  contributing significantly  towards  excellence  in  contemporary  academic  knowledge  and  ethical practice within the helping professions in Ireland.”


Vision & Values Statement


The following values constitute the foundations of  PCI  College. In  achieving  its Mission, PCI  College will be a successful and profitable business, continuously expanding opportunities for the benefit of students, staff and the community, and will:

  • Become well established as a centre of excellence and innovation in Mental Health & Wellbeing and psychological education and training in Ireland.
  • Be committed to, and renowned for the provision of high quality,  inspiring,  memorable, positive, professional and potentially life-changing learning experiences through participative, experiential programmes which value the prior lived experience of each student.
  • Become a contributor and influencer within academic and professional sectors and remain contemporary and responsive to the developing professional climate.
  • Offer optimum experiences and opportunities in an inclusive provision so that every student will feel warmly welcomed, cared for, respected and supported, with particular emphasis on the needs of the adult student and mature student.
  • Be a place where learning and development accept and values openness, honesty, diversity, freedom of expression and the sharing of experience.
  • Be an excellent employer,  so that staff will be well supported, empowered, valued and respected, with clear and positive expectations of involvement, contribution, recognition and achievement.

The values underpinning the work of PCI College are explicit in the following key concepts:


1. Excellence - striving for the highest quality in all that we do.


2. Accountability - inviting scrutiny to maintain excellence in standards.


3. Ethics - operating with integrity, honesty, empathy and respect, and including:

  •  Protection of, and respect for, freedom of belief.
  • The free expression of ideas without fear or hindrance.

4. Nurture - responsive support to enable individuals to maximise potential, including:

  • Development of academic programmes that are relevant to the intellectual and vocational needs of individuals.
  • Provision of educational opportunities for all those who can take advantage of the College’s programmes and positive consideration of those groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education.
  • Commitment to the principle of life-long learning and the provision of opportunities for the personal development of all students and staff.

5. Responsibility - to students, staff and the wider community demonstrated in:

  • The development of a caring organisation that emphasises openness, trust and cooperation.
  • Commitment to the promotion and development of personal and social responsibility.

6. Diversity - valuing and actively welcoming difference, shown in:•Recognition and encouragement of the diversity of cultures and traditions within the PCI College campus and in the broader community.

  • Commitment to equality of opportunity, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, family status, marital status or disability.

7. Equality - embedding transparency and fairness in all college procedures.


8. Collaboration - prioritising consultative / collaborative work internally & externally.


9. Aspiration - seeking out innovation and opportunity to maximise potential.

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