Professional Certificate in Working with Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diverse Clients


Professional Certificate in Working with Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diverse Clients (GSRD)

A great opportunity to understand the ever increasing complex world of gender (cis, trans, non-binary), sexuality (gay, lesbian, asexual) and relationship (monogamy, polyamory etc.) diverse client groups in clinical practice


What are the key benefits?


Therapists already familiar with working with GSRD clients, this course will provide a skills refresh and insights into the most up to date research and findings applicable to professional practice. Therapists unfamiliar with GSRD complexity will benefit from a solid grounding in the what, who and how of GSRD and being to explore pathways to helping clients.




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Course Details

Course Aims


Historically, training on human sexuality has focussed on issues specific to LGBTQ clients including topics like coming out, safer sexual practices and identity integration. However, this position is neither adequately inclusive nor truly representative of the diversity of gender, sexual and relationship types which present in the lives of clients. The purpose of this short course is to equip therapists with the knowledge and confidence necessary to work with clients who “do not identify as heterosexual, monogamous or cisgender ([someone] content to remain the gender they were assigned at birth)” (BPS, 2019).


Learning Outcomes




On completion of this Certificate, participants will have relevant knowledge about:

  • Introduction to gender, sexual and relationship diversity
  • ‘Normal’ versus diverse – exploring and examining our cultural, personal and social biases
  • Gender; what is it? Gender identity, expression, role and experience e.g. trans/cisgender
  • Sexuality; what is it? Identities, practices, experiences and attractions e.g. heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual etc.)
  • Relationships; what is a relationship? Solo-ness, monogamy, non-monogamies, aromantics, relationship anarchy and sex work.
  • Best practice guidance on working with GSRD clients.



 On completion of this Certificate, participants will be familiar with the use of:

  • Self-reflection on personal values and societal/cultural mores to inform practice
  • Ways to evaluate their current practice needs with GSRD best practices guidelines
  • Current research and professional development resources in support of therapists ongoing skills and knowledge development with GSRD client populations.

Venue: 63 Malone Rd, Belfast, BT9 6SA

Next Start Date: TBC

Class times: 10am - 5pm

Course Content & Timetable:

Day 1: An introduction to GSRD | 30th May 2020
Day 2: Gender | 31st May 2020
Day 3: Sexuality | 6th June 2020
Day 4: Relationships | 7th June 2020
Day 5: Assessment & integration | 27th June 2020

Assessed Award:

PCI College Professional Certificate Working with Gender, Sexual, Relationship Diverse Clients (GSRD)

Course Outline

This course takes place over five days:  


Day 1: An introduction to GSRD

  • What is gender, sexual and relationship diversity?
  • Social & cultural contexts to GSRD
  • Personal values and GSRD


Day 2: Gender

  • Exploring Gender – What is gender?
  • Our values/assumptions as engendered beings.
  • Introducing the many elements of gender e.g. Gender Identity, terminology etc.
  • Skills practice
  • Current best practice when working with gender diversity


Day 3: Sexuality

  • Exploring sexual Identities, Practices/Experiences and attractions
  • Matters of consent
  • Skills practice
  • Current best practice when working with sexual diversity


Day 4: Relationships

  • Relationship diversity
  • Exploring ideas such as solo-ness & singledom, monogamies, secret non-monogamies, aromatic relationship styles and related terminology
  • Skills practice
  • Current best practice when working with relationship diversity


Day 5: Assessment & integration

  • Integration session
  • Key topics of further discussion from participants
  • Poster presentations
  • Close & signpost to additional resources


 Mike Hackett IASD, MIACP.




MA Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, B.Sc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy, Adv. Dip. Supervision


Faculty Lecturer with PCI College and Programme Leader for the Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervision, Mike lectures on a number of modules on the B.Sc. Programme and on the Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervision. Mike has also built and delivered training programmes in the youth and voluntary sectors as well as served in a number of senior management and operation roles in the multinational corporate sector for over 20 years. Having founded Introspect Counselling in 2007, he is now clinical director for this practice providing counselling and supervision in Dublin city and its suburbs. Mike has been published in the Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and is now the editor of the same publication and is vice-chairman of the research committee of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.







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Please note that when booking the full course online the price is in Euro if you wish to pay in Pounds please call +353 1 464 2268 to make a Credit or Debit Card Payment.


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Entry Requirements


Qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy or other helping professionals with therapeutic experience and students currently in professional training (those who have begun seeing clients - BSc Degree Year 2 onwards).


Course Requirements


  • Poster presentation on one aspect of the programme as covered.
  • Reflective statement




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