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Postgraduate Certificate in Family Therapy

MSc Family Therapeutic Skills

Validated by Middlesex University


Family life in Ireland has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, consequently there is a growing demand for sufficiently skilled counselling and psychotherapy professionals  who are equipped to work therapeutically with families struggling with a range of issues from relationship breakdown, child protection and custody concerns, to loved ones with complex mental health difficulties or in the throes of addiction. Many counsellors and psychotherapists currently working with families and family-related issues are experiencing a deficit in the skills and knowledge required to support effective therapeutic outcomes and many family resources hubs throughout Ireland lack appropriately trained staff with sufficient expertise to work with family related issues.

Validated by Middlesex University, this lively, creative and experiential program strives to create open, safe and respectful spaces in which a variety of modalities are explored, and skills competence achieved. The program will engage each learner in the ongoing dynamic process of demonstrating humility, openness and courage for connecting with each other and their clients throughout this programme and into clinical practice. It aims to enhance therapeutic care within diverse families and communities through the acquisition and mastery of key clinical skills, as well as tend to the therapist’s personal growth and reflective development.


This exciting new program aims to furnish existing counselling and psychotherapy practitioners with the skills and knowledge required to expand their existing repertoire and develop the expertise used by systemic family therapists working with children, adults and couples. This Post-graduate certificate is an essential stepping stone for candidates who wish to complete the two-year Master's program.



Therapists who are working therapeutically with clients on a one to one basis will develop a new skills set and the opportunity to work systemically, where the individual is understood through the contextual lens of their family of origin and current family dynamics. Therapists who are already working with families, couples and young people will benefit greatly from learning about underpinning theories, introductory systemic and EFT skills as well as the opportunity to reflect on their practice and personal development.


This course will create more employment and work opportunities for counsellors and psychotherapist’s working in private, public and voluntary sectors.


*This course will not qualify you to become an accredited Family Therapist


** There are no formal clinical requirements for the PG Certificate in Family Therapeutic Skills, however, we strongly advocate students be in personal therapy, ideally with Systemic or Family Therapist.


Students who intend to progress to the Master's programme will be required to have at least 50% of their personal therapy hours completed, have contracted with an appropriate supervisor and an undertaking from a placement to provide clients for the duration of the course.


Clinical requirements for the Master's programme are as follow:


20 Hours Personal Therapy with a Systemic or Family Therapist


20 hours of Clinical Supervision with a Systemic Supervisor or accredited Family Therapy Supervisor


100 hours Clinical Placement in a PCI College-approved placement


Course Details

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Venue: Dublin West


Duration: Two years, part-time.  


Next Start Date:  TBC

Timetable: The course will take place every Tuesday 2-7pm from October to May and the full provisional timetable will be available shortly. 


Award: Middlesex University MSc Family Therapeutic Skills 

Level: Level 7 FHEQ (Comparable to Level 9 NFQ)


*This programme was developed and is delivered and assessed by PCI College, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University. FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualification) is the UK National Framework of Qualifications.


Selection Process: There are a limited number of places available (18). Selection is based on application and interview.


If you have more questions about the course, call us now at 01-464 2268 or add your details to the purple Questions Box above and we'll get back to you shortly.


Please note that this course is a supplementary qualification. On its own, the course won't enable you to work as a counsellor. If you seek a professional qualification as a counsellor, I would advise you to first complete our BSc (Honours) Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy. After completing the degree course, you could then specialise in an area of interest with this MSc course. 


Each module is 30 hours in duration.  Modules are assessed by written and practical assignments. 


Year 1 Modules: 60 credits (equivalent to 30 ECTS credits)


  • Contemporary Family Therapy Theory, History, Current Perspectives & Emerging Dynamics.
  • Therapeutic Relationships & Clinical Skills 1
  • Personal & Relational Development in Family Therapy
  • Emotional Focused Therapy

Year 2 Modules: 60 credits (equivalent to 30 ECTS credits)


  • Theoretically Informed Family Therapy Practice
  • Professional Ethics & Family Law
  • Working Therapeutically with Couples Dyad
  • Advanced Clinical Skills 2


MSc Component: 60 credits (equivalent to 30 ECTS credits)

  • Case Study & Dissertation

Additional Course Requirements:


Clinical requirements for the Master's programme are as follow:


  • 20 Hours Personal Therapy with a Systemic or Family Therapist
  • 20 hours of Clinical Supervision with a Systemic Supervisor or accredited Family Therapy Supervisor
  • 100 hours of Clinical Placement in a PCI College-approved placement

LEADING TO THE AWARD OF Middlesex University MSc Family Therapeutic Skills


*Quantity of hours is subject to change. 


Assessment: Written and practical assignments




The programme aims to equip existing counselling and psychotherapy practitioners and related professionals with Family Therapeutic Skills and provides the opportunity to extend their clinical repertoire to working therapeutically with couples, family groups, young people, organisations and related networks. You will learn a broad range of contemporary family therapy theoretical approaches and skills while also developing a range of personal and professional frameworks and concepts, essential to the application of the above learning to a range of casework.  


In partnership with Middlesex University



Validated by Middlesex University


What our Students Say

“I enjoyed the inner peace gained...I felt my body lighter after”
Sinead Delaney - Somatic Movement Workshop

What our Students Say

"Tutors ability to answer all our questions in a very clear and organised way. She simplified situations and made them much more easily understood for me"
Certificate Student 2013, Belfast
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