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Professional Certificate in Sex & Pornography AddictionProfessional Certificate Working with Trauma

Take this unique opportunity to engage in training and learning with some of Ireland's leading experts on the topic of Trauma

This professional training course enables the counsellor to gain new insights into this arena and as our clients bravely present themselves into the therapeutic space we are often unaware of the trauma they bring with them.  



What are the key benefits?

In providing a broad range of themes, theories and addressing practical implications of working with trauma the participants will gain insight and ability to recognise and facilitate clients through the impact of trauma to a more integrated self. Day three and four will give participants frameworks to support their work and integrating new knowledge and theories into a model for working with trauma.  Day five will future expand new knowledge and experience through a collaborative sharing. 


Upon completion, participants will have gained comprehensive knowledge into the themes, theories and principles of trauma.  They will have an in-depth understanding of a recovery process which will facilitate their work with trauma which will increase confidence as practitioners.  Experiential aspects of this Certificate will allow participants to integrate theories into practice.



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Course Details

The five day programme will allow participants to engage with history of trauma and underlying symptoms of trauma.  Detailed insight is gained into the impact of traumatic incident has on individuals and groups.  Participants can expect to look at the evidence supported principles of recovery and the evidence supported treatments available to trauma work. 


A strong focus will be placed on the participant’s knowledge and skills to provide a more informed confidence in working with trauma.  Concepts and frameworks to support practitioners to facilitate those struggling with symptoms of trauma will be available both formally and informally. 


Considerable experience of facilitators in the areas of trauma gives current and varied case studies, practical issues and self-care issues.   In providing a broad range of themes, theories and addressing practical implications of working with trauma the participants will gain insight and ability to recognise and facilitate clients through the impact of trauma to a more integrated self allowing recovery and possible growth.   


Responses to traumatic incidents can vary considerably, whether the trauma is a result of recent critical incident or unresolved historic event the complexity of responses can be challenging for the client to negotiate. 


Supporting individuals after a traumatic event is widely used in a variety of settings from private practice to multidisciplinary teams within organisations.
Venue: 63 Malone Rd, Belfast, BT9 6SA

Next Start Date: TBC

Class times: 10am - 5pm

Course Content & Timetable:

Day 1: Introduction to the history, theories & treatments of Trauma
Day 2: Responding to & Recovery from Trauma
Day 3: Integrating principles of recovery into practice
Day 4: Working with individuals and groups a practical approach from an Irish perspective
Day 5: Integration Day

Assessed Award:

PCI College Professional Certificate Working with Trauma

Day 1: Introduction to the history, theories & treatments of Trauma.


The initial day of the Certificate will trace the origins of the theories of trauma to current up to date research.  Definitions, categories and responses to trauma will be outlined.   Additionally, symptoms of trauma will be explored through the Biopsychosocial model.   The day will include powerpoint presentations, handouts and group discussion.   

Day 2: Responding to & Recovery from Trauma. 


During the second day of the Certificate programme a presentation on critical incident responses supported by current best international best practice guidelines.  There will be opportunity also on day two to observe role play by facilitator to trauma. 

The facilitator of day 2 Grainne Mooney has attended groups and individuals post critical incidents on a regular bases for nearly 15 years.  Principles & themes of recovery, resilience and post trauma growth will be detailed.  Triad work will allow participants to experience and observe in a safe space responding to clients with trauma. 

Day 3: Integrating principles of recovery into practice.


Day three provides for adapting to trauma work from current practices.  Detailed proposals of integrating aspects of Person Centred, Mindfulness, CBT and Psychodynamic modalities to meet the themes present in trauma.  The day will also include group discussion on obstacles to recovery.

The very important subject of impact on facilitators, self-care and compassion fatigue will be addressed.  There is growing research and evident to support the presence of vicarious trauma through social media.  There will be presentation to address this with secondary trauma. 

Day 4:Working with individuals and groups a practical approach from an Irish perspective


Building previous days, day four will provide participants with an opportunity to extend and deepen their knowledge with an experienced practitioner and enable students to understand the process of working with individuals and groups. There will be case studies, role play, discussion groups and process learning.

On completion of this training, participants will have relevant knowledge and skills to assist them in working with individuals and groups. 

Day 5: Integration Day


Integration day provides a more informal learning environment.  The day is less structured and facilitates open discussion and debate and participants are given the opportunity to outline and describe how they have integrated the learning from the four previous days and applied it to their practice.

Through a process of creating, presenting and defence of conference poster (15 minutes) participants will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and engage with learning from their colleagues.  Deference of posters will be to fellow participants and course facilitator who will assess this assignment. 


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What our Students Say

Entire lecture was brilliant, the videos at the end helped bring the strategies to life. Excellent
Nuala Brady-Professional Cert in CBT Depression

What our Students Say

“Shared experience, grounded examples, very knowledgeable with varied modes of teaching, loved it.Put a huge effort into each section, very much appreciated”
Marie O’Connor - Professional Certificate in Sex & Pornography Addiction
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