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The Therapist Professional Will




Sometimes, Therapists/Supervisors are incapacitated or die due to ill health, incident or accident. When these unexpected events occur the impact on clients and supervisees is considerable. Similarly, the impact on the families of professionals who have to mop-up the often secret world of professional practice leaves family members/executors in the dark.


This one-day course introduces you to the topic of developing a Professional Will and walks you through the steps necessary to care for your clients, your family and yourself both ethically and confidentially.


Venue: Online live workshop
Next Start Date: 6th November

Time: 10am-5pm


The course will be delivered as a live online class via Microsoft Teamswhich is a platform built on Office 365. It is a secure platform and follows the compliance capabilities.

All login details will be provided to attendees.

Course Details

Who is this course for?

Pre-accredited therapists and accredited therapists and supervisors who work in any private practice capacity. Health and social care professionals in some form of private practice or mixed private/agency work contexts.


What will you learn?

What research tells us about the impact on clients, supervisees and families due to sudden incapacitation/death of a therapist/supervisor/healthcare professional in private practice.

Real world issues arising with the illness, retirement, practice termination or death-in-service of a therapist/supervisor/healthcare professional.

The ethical imperative for a Professional Will.

The format and structure of a Professional Will.

Connecting your Personal & Professional Will to take care of you and others.

You will receive a sample Professional Will.


Why should you do the course?

Codes of ethics require therapists/supervisors/healthcare professionals to ensure they have plans in place for record-keeping and continuity of care of their clients/supervisees. For example, the IACP Code of Ethics requires members to “make suitable arrangements for the responsible care of clients and the management of records in the event of the practitioner’s ill-health, retirement and termination of practice. Practitioners need to have in place a procedure that would protect their clients in the event of their death while still practicing or a sudden illness which would prevent them from practicing”. However, few therapists appear to have considered these situations, much less made provision for them. This short course is a practical solution to help you meet this ethical requirement and safeguard your clients/supervisees and families when these unexpected and impactful life events happen.

Mike Hackett IASD, MIACP.

MA Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, B.Sc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy, Adv. Dip. Supervision




Faculty Lecturer with PCI College and Programme Leader for the Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervision, Mike lectures on a number of modules on the B.Sc. Programme and on the Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervision. Mike has also built and delivered training programmes in the youth and voluntary sectors as well as served in a number of senior management and operation roles in the multinational corporate sector for over 20 years. Having founded Introspect Counselling in 2007, he is now clinical director for this practice providing counselling and supervision in Dublin city and its suburbs. Mike has been published in the Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and is now the editor of the same publication and is vice-chairman of the research committee of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. 



What our Students Say

Delivered in a very clear and interesting manner. Really enjoyed the lecture. Very informative - enough information and not overloaded.
Siobhan McKeon, Biological Psychology Public Lecture

What our Students Say

"Enjoyed meeting everybody & hearing their stories, some were very inspiring. Loved getting the chance to spend the day writing. Well worth doing - highly recommend"
Carole Ryan - Life Writing Workshop
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