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An Introduction to Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diverse Clients (GSRD)


Having completed the short introduction, participants will begin to explore the complexity and challenges inherent in working with diverse gender, sexuality and relationship diverse client groups


Course Details

Venue: Online live interactive workshop
Duration: 1 Day
Next Start Date: TBC
Time: 10am-5:00pm
Award: Attendance Certificate
Fees: Full Price:€100
PCI College Student:€80


Course Description

Previously, courses exploring human sexuality often focussed on issues of difference (when compared to heterosexuality) rather than capture the broad diversity and complex interactions between gender, sexuality and relationship diverse clients. These were often called LGBT issues, which set those client populations into a broad category in which heterosexuality was not considered. Today, heterosexuality is best considered one colour on the broad human gender and sexuality spectrum. For contemporary therapists, client gender and sexuality presentations vary widely and challenge therapists to learn a whole new vocabulary e.g. pansexuality, cis-gender, polyamoury etc. and are further challenged to reevaluate their own values and beliefs about gender, sexuality and various relationship styles.



This short, one-day online course will begin to ground and orientate student, pre-accredited and accredited therapists with fresh thinking and research insights when working with gender, sexuality and relationship diverse client groups. Time will be given to exploring our values, beliefs and re-orientating our language toward inclusivity, respect and the dignity of clients from previous binary views of gender, heteronormativity and monogamy. The day will include theory, research, personal/professional reflection and some skills practice.




  • Introduction to GSRD.
  • Terms & Terminology. Inclusivity, respect and dignity for client identities.
  • Exploring our beliefs/values around GSRD.
  • Skills Practice.
  • Signpost to additional learning resources.
  • Feedback & Close


Eligibility:  You don't need to have a therapeutic experience to join this course. This course is suitable for applicants who have qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy or other helping professionals and students currently in professional training.

 Mike Hackett IASD, MIACP.




Mike Hackett, is a senior faculty lecturer with PCI College and programme leader of our Advanced Diploma in Supervision. Along with Mike’s leadership and educational duties, he is an accredited therapist and supervisor with the IACP (Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and a member and patron of the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams). Mike has a keen interest in the professional practice of clinical supervision, counselling and psychotherapy research, working clinically with dreams and gender, sexual and relationship diverse (GSRD) clients.


What our Students Say

“Shared experience, grounded examples, very knowledgeable with varied modes of teaching, loved it.Put a huge effort into each section, very much appreciated”
Marie O’Connor - Professional Certificate in Sex & Pornography Addiction

What our Students Say

“It achieved a great balance between knowledge of the topic and making this interesting and close to us... Eoin managed to make {the lecture} understandable to us with day to day examples. At the same time we felt that he was really an expert in the topic. From a HR perspective we were delighted to get so many people participating in the Q&A after the talk, as this is not the usual way our staff behaves.”
Patricia Soria, Irish Life - Tailor-Made Training
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