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Professional Certificate in Positive Therapy

For helping professionals who want to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate Positive Therapy techniques into their therapeutic practice.

Course Details

Venue: Dublin City Centre

Duration:30 Hour Programme, 9.30am-4.30pm


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Course Content & Timetable:
Day 1: Psychology of Wellbeing
Day 2: Post Traumatic Growth & Resilience
Day 3: Positive Psychology 2.0
Day 4: Character Strengths
Day 5: Integration



What is Positive Therapy?

This is the first professional certificate in Positive Therapy for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Ireland. Positive Clinical Psychology offers practical knowledge of the science of positive psychology, which you can use with your clients.

During the course, we will delve into an array of positive psychotherapies, such as Wellbeing Therapy, Quality of Life Therapy (QLT), Positive Psychotherapy (PT), Penn Resilience Program (PRP), and Bounce Back Program; and discuss over 100 evidence-based interventions which can significantly expand your skills in one-to-one, group, child and couple therapy.

The course is ideal for both new and experienced therapists wanting to expand  their professional skills with the new and exciting science of Positive Psychology. This is an easy therapists’ guide to positive psychology interventions. Apart from interventions, you will also learn the latest research on human resources, which will help you understand your clients’ motives better and assist them in bouncing back from adversity towards positive change. 

Positive Therapy approaches are NOT about positive thinking, rather evidence-based approaches to help clients with depression, anxiety and other affective disorders, live a better life. Studies suggest that in some cases, positive psychotherapy may be more effective with clinical population than traditional approaches. During this session we will review all the main positive therapies, which you can use to supplement your current approach. The programme will review the following therapies:

Positive Psychotherapy – based on Positive Psychology research, used very effectively with clients with affective disorders.

Time Cure Therapy – particularly effective with clients experiencing PTSD. It is currently used in the US Army.

Quality of Life therapy – tested with populations of transplant patients to help them deal with the uncertainty of the future.

Well-being therapy – following the scientific research by Ryff, particularly useful for relapse prevention in mood and anxiety disorders

Bounce back and Penn Resiliency – approaches to boosting children and adolescents’ resiliency skills.

The course is aimed at therapists and counsellors who wish to expand their professional skills with positive therapy approaches. It will include a comprehensive guide to positive psychotherapy interventions.

Qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy or other helping professionals with therapeutic experience. Students currently in training (BSc Degree Year 2 onwards) will be considered, on the understanding that the Certificate qualification cannot be used until they have qualified. Entry is by application form.


What our Students Say

“The lecture was very clear and not rushed in explaining all questions that were asked.This workshop was very beneficial in taking the fear out of going into private practice”
Noelle Kenny - Setting up in Private Practice workshop

What our Students Say

"Overall it was an enjoyable day and well presented, I took what I could from the workshop and I am trying to apply it to my everyday living.”
Positive Psychology Attendee
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