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 Professional Certificate in

Online Group Facilitation Skills 


This module is designed to assist the participants in gaining a deeper understanding of group counselling.


This five-day training program offers an introduction to the theory and practice of group facilitation. The course is designed for those working in a therapy, counselling, social care, mental health, drug/alcohol recovery, probation/prison service/nursing context or related fields. The course is designed to help develop an understanding of group dynamics as well as equipping professionals to add group facilitation to their repertoire of professional skill



The Course is designed for those working with groups in a variety of settings, including mental health and other health related services, drugs and alcohol recovery services, therapy, counselling, probation and prison services, social care, children and young people’s services and education providers. It will also be of benefit to those who wish to develop a greater understanding of team and organisational dynamics.



This programme consists of five one-day workshops, each of six hours duration. Each day will be highly experiential and focus on both the self-of-therapist and client case work through working with visual journalling, personal symbols, image making, music and drama. No prior experience in these areas is necessary in order to participate in the course. You will be provided with the opportunity to engage with and experience the creative modalities of art, music and drama therapy. You will be learning through ‘hands-on experience of each discipline, provide an introduction to the fundamental theoretical concepts of these arts therapies, exploring the unique contributions, qualities and features of different creative modalities, and considering the ways in which these can complement each other enhancing and transforming the therapeutic process.


This is a comprehensive introduction with professional certification in group facilitation. Our focus is on imparting the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective, ethical and professional group facilitator. This includes theories and models of group facilitation, group dynamics, group development and the role of the effective group facilitator. It will also afford an opportunity to practise group skills through participation in a small training group. Helping groups flourish, understanding the boundaries within groups, record keeping, how to start-up a group, matters of race, social/sexual diversity in groups and ethical considerations will also be explored during the short programme.

Course Details

Venue:  Live online 5-day workshop


Duration: 5 Days - 30 Hours Programme (09:30am-4:30pm)


Next Start Date: 23rd of January 2021



Day 1: Introduction to the Group Work Practice: Exploration of the Theories and Approaches to Group Facilitation | 23rd January 2021

Day 2: Growing a Group: Preparations, Dynamic Administration and Assessment Interviews | 24th January 2021

Day 3: The Group in Action: Conscious and Unconscious Group Dynamics | 6th February 2021

Day 4: Working with diversity and Complexity Issues | 7th February 2021

Day 5: Integration/ Assessment Day | 11th April 2021


Additional Course Requirements:

Assessment will be via ongoing feedback and assessment through the supervision of the course leader.  

  • Poster Presentation 
  • Reflective statement


Assessed Award:

PCI College Certificate In Group Facilitation Skills


This is a Continuing Professional Development Course specifically designed for Counsellors & Psychotherapist (including Students) and other helping professionals with therapeutic experience.


If you have any questions about your eligibility, contact us at enquiries@pcicollege.ie or 01-4642268.

Day 1


Introduction to the Group Work Practice: Exploration of the Theories and Approaches to Group Facilitation


At the first day of the programme we will look at the theoretical contributions to understanding group work. We will also discuss different types and models of group facilitation and its implications.


  • Introduction to the group theories
  • Understanding why some groups flourish and others flounder
  • Necessary decisions when planning the group
  • Examples: different groups for different populations
  • Assessment of individuals for group work
  • Understanding boundaries, creating and maintaining them.



Day 2


Growing a Group: Preparations, Dynamic Administration and Assessment Interviews.


The second course day takes a look at crucial components of the beginning stages of planning successful group.


  • Skills and techniques for setting up a group
  • Referrals and how to get them
  • Potential difficulties at early group stages
  • Keeping record of the group
  • Ethical consideration
  • Use of the self and co-leadership in a group
  • First session


Day 3

The Group in Action: Conscious and Unconscious Group Dynamics.


  • Stages in group development and techniques in facilitating the progress of these stages.
  • Developing Trust in a group
  • Introduction to unconscious processes underlying a group
  • Managing conflict in support group



Day 4


Working with diversity and Complexity Issues.


  • Matters of racial, social and sexual diversity in a group.
  • Attachment Theory and Group Work: managing endings, absences and breaks.
  • Concepts of Holding and Containing and their function in group process
  • How groups can affect the facilitator emotionally?



Day 5


Integration/ Assessment Day


The Integration Day takes place in a group discussion setting, where participants are given the opportunity to outline and describe how they have integrated the learning from the four core workshops and applied it to their practice. The integration Day will solidify learning, and provides an opportunity for case discussion and supervision/assessment. We will revisit most important concepts discussed during the training.



Learning Outcomes:




Having completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Obtain experience in facilitation of support group under supervision
  • Offer support group to a small short term group, and demonstrate techniques to initiate, maintain, support and facilitate a group in its evolution
  • Have basic understanding of some conscious and unconscious group dynamics.
  • Understand what a group facilitator’s role is.
  • Understand support group boundaries, create and maintain them
  • Understand how groups affect facilitator emotionally

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What our Students Say

Lovely mix of theory & practical. Lecturer was very warm and facilitated some really interesting group discussions.Thank you for a worthwhile day!
Joanne Cooper- CBT for Weight Management

What our Students Say

“Shared experience, grounded examples, very knowledgeable with varied modes of teaching, loved it.Put a huge effort into each section, very much appreciated”
Marie O’Connor - Professional Certificate in Sex & Pornography Addiction
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