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National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2018

9th June 2018 - Croke Park, Dublin


Theme: Attachment in Psychotherapy - Bowlby and Beyond
In this seventh National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference, we will delve into the world of Attachment, exploring Bowlby and Beyond. Early attachment styles, the neuroscience of attachment, attachment interventions and the importance of these on the self and human relationships will be explored by leaders in their fields. An opportunity to understand how these are currently applied when working with clients, with a view to understanding how we can apply these in our own therapy practice, will be provided. This will be achieved via keynote speaker sessions in addition to smaller group experiential seminars.

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Attachment in Psychotherapy - Bowlby and Beyond


Attachment is at the heart of all interactions and relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves. When we enter relationships, we do so informed by our own early attachment experiences. A multitude of research in this area has enlightened us with the knowledge that these attachment interactions are of the most formative, we seek to replicate these interactions as we proceed through adult life. From an evolutionary perspective, attachment has kept us alive. “The brain codes isolation and abandonment as danger and the touch and emotional responsiveness of loved ones as safety, a safety that promotes optimal flexibility and continual learning.” (Johnson, 2008).  Where attachment is disrupted, dysfunctional or negative, neuroscientific attachment studies evidence the traumatic impact this can have on the formation of self and future interactions with others and the world. This modern approach to attachment theory highlights the significance of attachment on brain development.  “Over the first year… the mother’s interactions are shaping the very wiring of those higher regulatory centers… Attachment communications which are emotional are forging the connections in the early developing right brain… The right brain literally is imprinted by these attachment relationships while it is being created…” (Schore, 2014). There is no one person who can escape the attachment experience, whether it be good, bad or indifferent.  Attachment is so ingrained in our lives as therapists and in the lives of our clients. It is essential that we as professionals are aware of attachment theories, techniques and interventions within the work, from the early work of Bowlby to the modern day neuroscientific contributions.

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What our Students Say

"...Gosh I loved everything [about this workshop] and The teacher and group were wonderful. I would do other workshops on this topic."
Deirdre Reddy - Life Writing Workshop

What our Students Say

"It was a Beautiful experience, so relaxing & created such awareness of the body."
Somatic Movement Attendee
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