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Education Post COVID-19: Supporting Children Returning to the Classroom



The impact and future consequences to our students’ mental health as a result of Covid-19 is likely to be significant. For some it will have brought up mild to moderate levels of anxiety but for others there will have been traumatic aspects to it i.e. loss of loved ones and extreme family and community stress. Children need structure and a secure base from which they can contextualise their experiences and interpretations. This pandemic has profoundly impacted this important factor leaving many with heightened anxiety about the future. For many children the return to school will have its own challenges as they adapt to the new way of learning and being with each other. Therefore, both children and staff in school need support on how to manage those who have been impacted in various ways.


Why do this course?


In this workshop participants will receive a grounding on what trauma is, how it manifests in children and what strategies can be used to support those adversely impacted. A focus on what behaviours children with trauma may exhibit and how to work with them will be explored. In addition, the workshop will look at how staff can engage with children and their parents around meeting their needs.

Course Details

Venue: Online live workshop
Next Start Date:

Time: 09:30am-4:30pm


The course will be delivered as live online class via Microsoft Teamswhich is a platform built on Office 365. It is a secure platform and follows the compliance capabilities.

All login details will be provided to attendees.



Award: Attendance Certificate


Course Content

  • Introduction to Trauma (brief overview)
  • Trauma in Children (understanding risk factors)
  • Signs to look for (behaviour as a means of coping)
  • Sitting with anxiety (some techniques you can use)
  • Building resilience in the classroom 
  • Working with parents


What are the key benefits?


  • Develop an understanding of trauma in general
  • Develop an understanding of trauma as it relates to children in a post Covid19 world
  • Acquire practical tools that can be transferred to the classroom environment
  • Understand the role of parents and teachers as collaborative in the support of trauma in the classroom


Material is presented using PowerPoint, and discussions and tutor demonstrations are used to facilitate learning.

John G Wills, MA, Dip CBT


John is a psychologist and CBT practitioner specialising in anxiety disorders as well as OCD and related disorders. He has been in private practice since 2016 and works with both adults and children. In the past he worked in a training and education capacity in both Aware and Barnardos. As well as his clinical work he provides consultative training programmes to schools and community groups in the areas of Bullying (specifically Cyber-bullying), teacher training (for school well-being), and Mental Health workshops. 


What our Students Say

“The lecture was very clear and not rushed in explaining all questions that were asked.This workshop was very beneficial in taking the fear out of going into private practice”
Noelle Kenny - Setting up in Private Practice workshop

What our Students Say

Very well presented but not an overwhelming amount of information. Jean Notaro is an excellent lecturer, great facilitation of the group.
Daniel O'Mahony-Emotional Intelligence for success
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