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Self Care with Somatic Movement 

Learn to use the greatest and most complex technology available - your brain. Train your brain to change your body.



The main thing with regard to self-care is that those who are selfless and compassionate have an achilles heel – they don't pay enough attention to themselves”

(Figley, 2005, P. 2).


Somatic Movement - theory, practice, recognising and releasing neuromuscular tension from the muscles in the stomach and back and waist. Focused Breathing. Self Sensing. 

Learn to use the greatest most complex technology available - Your Brain. Train your brain to change your body - Move less, experience more with a simple somatic education mind /body programme. 


Working in the caring professions takes its toll on our minds and bodies, it is important to develop a self-care practice to build resilience and combat compassion fatigue. Our body and mind are not separate entities, but a whole unified system, Somatic movement addresses both psychological factors and the body's complex physiological response to the build up of everyday stress responses in our daily life. Learning to focus on the sensory experience can help minimize the startle (stress) response and encourage the nervous system back to normal functioning, releasing the build up of neuromuscular tension. When we are working from awareness in our own body we offer a deeper connection to ours and others somatic experience without verbal communication.


This programme teaches you to recognise and track somatic experiencing and deepen sensory awareness, learning to listen more to our body and integrating the body/mind connection. This is a safe, gradual, gentle integration awareness practice.


This experiential weekend can become part of your ongoing self-care programme that enables you to enhance your self-management and self-soothing skills which encourage and maintain your equilibrium.


Figley, C. R. (2005), Compassion Fatigue: An Expert Interview, October 17, Medscape Psychiatry Interview. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/513615


Course Details

Venue:  Dublin West


Duration: 1 weekend course (Saturday and Sunday)


Next Start Date: TBC

Time: 10am-5pm

Fees: €160 (€140 for PCI College Student )


No professional experience necessary for our Short Term courses, they are for anyone to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the experience.

Caroline Pedley

Bsc. (Hons) Couns./Psych, Supervisor, MIACP., Prof. Cert. CBT., CSME,  iRest level 1 Teacher.


Caroline is a lecturer with PCI College. She is a clinical Somatic Movement Educator and has trained in Ireland and India and teaches functional integration through body awareness and somatic movement. Her particular interest is in Stress, anxiety and pain management, and how they show up in the body landscape. Addressing these issues with a blend of cognitive behavioural therapy and developing sensory awareness of habitual patterns held in the body. Caroline is a professional trained integrative therapist and supervisor and practices in Blanchardstown and Maynooth.


What our Students Say

"It was a Beautiful experience, so relaxing & created such awareness of the body."
Somatic Movement Attendee

What our Students Say

“I enjoyed the inner peace gained...I felt my body lighter after”
Sinead Delaney - Somatic Movement Workshop
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